Garden Terrace at Fort Worth

By Kristel Linzmaier, activity director


It was a sunny and beautiful Thursday morning when the paging system turned on and an announcement sounded overhead, “All staff available please report to the Legacy hall.”


As the associates walked toward the hall, their faces showed concern and uncertainty.


Associates were asking each other what was going on, but none had any idea of what was about to unfold. After a few minutes of waiting, supervisors made the associates aware that our sister facilities from Corpus Christi, Texas, would be evacuating because of Hurricane Harvey and that Garden Terrace at Fort Worth would be receiving around 39 evacuees. Honestly, we were worried about how we would be able to prepare, knowing we only had 10 – 12 hours.


This was when the goodness of the heart and team spirit prevailed. Our receptionist called families to inform them of possible room changes to make room for the evacuees. Supervisors, along with other associates, worked hand-in-hand to clean, make beds and relocate residents to their temporary rooms. It was very humbling to see how each one set aside differences and personality clashes to work together for the good of others.


Family members rushed to Garden Terrace not to complain about the changes but to reassure us that what we were doing was great.


“You all are troopers,” said one family member. “I know you will make it through this.”


On Friday, Aug. 5, 2017, we welcomed 23 residents and 10 associates from Wooldridge Place Nursing Center. In the next few days, the residents, though filled with worry and confusion, adjusted well to the new environment and new faces. Associates from both facilities bonded over a common goal – to make this event be filled with care and empathy.


We salute all the associates who came all the way from Wooldridge, leaving their own families just to make sure their residents were cared for. You are heroes. We want to thank you for doing Whatever It Takes and Then Some.


On Tuesday, adrenaline built up again as we prepared the residents to return home. All of the exhaustion was worth it seeing how excited they were to go back and be with their families again. Aug. 29, 2017 at Garden Terrace at Fort Worth proved the real definition of community. We from Garden Terrace at Fort Worth and Wooldridge Place Nursing Center would like to give our thanks to the firemen from Firehouse 39 who came out and helped transfer residents from their wheelchairs into the bus.


I may not be able to name every one of the Garden Terrace at Fort Worth associates, but on behalf of Kirk Landman, executive director, thank you.